[Noxta] Eskaleition VR! (In / Japanese / English)

这个 significant 戏 of the 2010s,你 actor as a general,a living 捆 who is covered,Saki, 戏 empress, is a woman(end)SM 种 for each。
Yu 戏 18 years of normal PC version 发售 end,However, it is a vr version that has recently come out again,Vr 你 of 设备话,带 VR eye 镜-like pet, Continue reading

[Saga Planets] Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche Golden Loveriche (China/Japan/Uk)

"Golden loveeriche" (Golden ラブリッチェ) is a budding work by renowned galgame developer Saga Planets, which will be released in late 2017,With a refined painting style and birds living in the sunset flowers,Far away and other big names sit。Since its launch,This work has always had a very high degree of topic。
The game tells the story of the main character Yin and Yang difference and foreign princesses on the relationship,The daily story of being forced to transfer to a prestigious aristocratic school (and living in a women's bedroom).。
Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche officially released the Chinese edition on the 11th of this month Continue reading

[BoRoBoRoGame] Fallen gold - the fire of black rose and desire

The game is a dark lily to teach,Basically, it's the hostess after being QJSM,Then turn into an old hen to recruit more chicks。
Then there are some curious tentacle elements,So don't play this game with low psychological tolerance。
The game is available on steam,If you are interested in this kind of drama, you can buy a full-age genuine
The game is a Japanese voiceover,However, the text only supports Chinese and English,It's amazing.。 Continue reading

[DSGame] Seek Girl VIII

8th generation game,It's already patched.,Push box game,The only advantage is probably supporting Chinese
The game is played in turn,It's much less difficult than playing with a push box,Leisure is simple。14different styles of roles,Full live2d animation,Featured Japanese voiceover。
Gentlemen.,Take your sister home! Continue reading

[Key] LOOPERS is back in qualifying for the first time

Give me a face,KEY's new work is released today,Although the plot is king,But this painting style is clear,There's a feeling of saving money。
I don't know if this style can be animated。Watch the story set,Maybe it's ability to force the stir。
First of all, this is the work of the year-round 齢。So gentlemen shouldn't like it,But if you can animate,Then this book is estimated to be indispensable。

Tyla (タ ラ) is a high school student who is passionate about GPS treasure hunts。
One day during the summer vacation,He and his friends were happily looking for treasure,was involved in an incredible experience。
Tomorrow becomes today,Reality and illusory are interlaced、Reason gives way to madness。
They were engulfed by the "vortex of time",The fate of today, bound to an infinite cycle。
Met there,It's the same boys and girls who are "LOOPERS"。 Continue reading

[WHITE TIGER] Shamed Female Warrior (Chinese Edition)

Story Summary: A small village on the edge of the kingdom's mainland,Women there are often subjected to semi-orcs。It will kill male humans without mercy,And for women it's only a strong match,Will never kill。
A new generation of soldiers in the village,Before they can be alone,will soon be killed by half an orcs,So there were no half-orcs in the village!
A surviving warrior was at the touch of a flash:Since half an orcs don't kill girls,So just find the girl with the warrior qualification,Train,Then sooner or later there will be a day,She will surely be able to defeat the half-orc, Continue reading

[ディーゼルマイン] Witch and Cat Hide-Hiding Village

这个 戏 Assa。2D+3D formality for 现,The 动 angle of 调 ranging 离 the 视 possible。
The plot is roughly about,Iezato cat 离 run home,A piece of cat running 跟 黑 half 进 half 发 the empress,进 Cat Daughter 隐 In the 20th。
It is a violation of each 发 cat in the 种 5 躏,Man main 长 袜,Na-i-Se-kore-yon Continue reading