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The current domain name
Landing options on the right side of genuine shrine,No top ad picture rotation,Nor will there be an ad above the dot-open post,And piracy is the opposite.,And there are not many contributors.,Like H Meng.、PD length、Milk tea、Tsing lung、Master Zhang、Angel、Yozakura、Implicit sinicization, etc.
Just pay a little attention.,Fake websites and articles of our name,Updates are slower than ours.,Generally, after we post an article on our side,,Fake sites will be copied over time.,Or modify the advance posting time,A little attention will be found to be not the right time to post comments.
Please note that the title of the website , ★ , is the real website。
The biggest feature of fake websites is that there are a lot of advertisements.,There is also imitation of the piracy site many features did not copy completely,The web page is ugly.。 Continue reading

[Pink pineapple] Amber Hunter THE ANIMATION - Ruby Edition -

The animation looks pretty sloppy,There is OP,There is a world view,But in fact the plot is unknown,
Previous workIt's a help to her,The plot of the new work is a little sudden。seems to want to show,But it didn't show up at all,Can only be seen as an ordinary pull。 Continue reading

[Max1] Women's School Back Cash Office 2

Nomoto My Pet 过Previous workVery quaint,2018a 发售-year-戏,现 renewal 续 in Japan,
你 Shosei 为 Old Board Hired 佣 孩营业赚钱。100 增 can be hired for this work 佣 a female 孩,Metaphysical and tono 见她们 a basic work 态。
One-你-point hand 动 Of The Fruit,The 戏 of 编辑 provided by Yu,你 self-added female 图,设 last name,设 work capability, etc.。 Continue reading

[I like BBQ.] Toucho Girl Nakafumi All CG 档

1A work in the middle of the month,I really meet hate late ah, whether it is to draw the plot or play is super excellent,Dl,
The front row prompts if you are a little white and want to experience the work normally,Then do a certain amount of heavy psychological preparation first。
And if you get to the BE line,The second half is a little NTR。My version is Chinese,And the translation is quite grounded。 Continue reading