[Delusional 専]Body で solve the 偵 of the hundred ghost house to explore the affairs of the house , the hundred ghost house light monster event book , the first 処 female 捨 mountain 伝 strange 譚

Feed….错喔。驱 magic 务 题 material,A famous phrase 搞 the 还 of 柯 truth naganaga who has 远 of the 个 katao,
兽 ear daughter female main person 设ya爱 过剧 non过剧 and emotional QJ题 material (黑 white cat咪战 Force Shinbu) Katao curved Q version person虽 Tadaya Tadazo张 过no估计 Yazo beware 估计 meeting续,The 质 of 还 is expected 较 续 the 质 of the 2008-2010s。6.5 么 给 of nako-on-吧。
The original 进 is 咯 with the 还汉 (咯 and 兴-) 话,Nursing-

Body で solve the 偵 of the hundred ghost house to explore the affairs of the house , the hundred ghost house light monster event book , the first 処 female 捨 mountain 伝 strange 譚

Brand:Delusional 専
List price:¥ 3800 (Tax included 4,180)
Release date:2021/05/28
JAN code:4589783304452
Part No.:ACODP-0001
Subgenre:Adult anime

Hyakukiya Detective Office - The CaseBook of Eromuchi Yokai Detective "Mitsu" - (Original):b-qoon)
Planning:Shame on You/Producer:Sanbon
Director:COME ON The Rising Man
Screenplay::Zone 03
Storyboards:H. sea Castle
Original case:Ojicha
Character design:Nocchi
(Animation Director):QEGGY/HB
Production:Delusional 専

Contents introduction
New brand "Delusion Special Course" birth! !
It is the birth of a delusional fantasy anime brand sent to adolescent men in the brain for life。
I want to H with a female youkai! Magic ○ Woman and H I Want To!
In a place like that、In a place like this、Play like that、Play like this、
In the kitchen two disease full open situation play that is also eccentric、
Endorphin leaks and body is inevitable in Bikumbicun state! !
This brand... that delusion of yours、I'm going to fulfill all my aspirations.!

Dooder Circle b-qoon's first work、
A1C's new brand "Delusion Senshina" decides to make it into a hot anime! !
Doodling circle b-qoon that feels with the body with "Bikumbikun"(Beakkuan)Kitchen two diseases fully open、
The first work of the whole body "Hyakukiya detective office - case book of Elomuti yokai detective "light""
It is an animated decision to quit full! !
Cat-eared big detective solves suspicious case using body!
If you're such a girl, you may not regret being arrested.!
Detectives are also the culprits.(Monster)Also、Both are erotic and I'm moving my eyes!
You、Which side are you on??

This is Yotsuya.(Yotsya)town(Town)。Ordinary local cities everywhere。
But the detective office in the corner of the town、Zenzen is not normal.!

"I、Ying Hyakukiya! I'm a detective who has an office in this town.! "

The detective has the power of a youkai.、He's a detective of justice who gives justice to evil youkai.!
Cute ears and proud。A little doji is your respect
A new quest that has soared under such a light。The appearance without the hail of women found in the mountains、
Indecent practice of the village at the foot of the mountain that took place in the old days。
Who the hell is the culprit?! ?
Any mystery.、Yokai Detective, let's have 100 oniya Mitsu.!
New label "Delusion Senshin" 1st title
Solved by the body! Hyakukiya Detective Office - Momokiya Mitsu no Yokai Case Book -
Episode 1 Virgin Abandoned Mountain(Shojosedeyma)Legend Kaito


Contents (from "Kinema Shunposha" database)
Cat ear huge breasts youkai detective solves a mysterious case using the body OVA 1st。With the power of youkai、100 Onoya Mitsu, a detective of justice who gives justice to evil youkai。under her each other who has a detective office in a corner of town、A new request is in the way...。

[If you can ask Mr. H Meng to fold the following]

Collapsed content

嗯? My guard Shirakiya Kazukazu 你们 a good statue of Shirakiya?

Here's What Ito's reply to:
Light:My name is A hundred ghost house light,It's a detective!
Light:There's always only one truth!
That's 👴 line! 👴! 👴!
There's always only one truth to tm
Right,There is always only one truth,That's why you're a fool

Good! Very spiritual
Good! All right, all right (applause)

It smells inside
(Spraying water)
Delusional 専 and the original author are afraid of being old Conan fans,Same attribute as 👴 Fire fans (I've seen it for a long time before,It's an old powder.),But 👴 care more about the shadow of fire,So Conan brushed less,But The Shadow Of Fire Plays With The Thief TM'S Outrageous,It smells inside,haha haha haha,Grass

Oh,That's right,Do you have fans of Ninja?
Come in and have fun? (Beware of blades)

Big Love Yu Zhibozo help! I'll always like Yu Zhibozo! Give your heart to Yu Zhipozo!!! 】

Yu Zhibo with soil!! 】

Angels driven mad by revenge…]

Naruto and Help! 】

Yu Zhibo

I'm the second six,Now the only existence! 】

What,Looking down on Yu Zhibo?
Don't look down on Yu Zhibo's force,brat!

Above the beep mile link,Please turn Mr. H Meng into a player

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: https://www.liuli.cat/wp/83660.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[Delusional 専]Body で solves the 偵 of the hundred haunted houses , the hundred ghost houses, the light monster event book, the first 処 female 捨 mountain 伝 strange 譚"

1 星 非常差劲 (为什么伤害我的眼睛)2 星 勉强能看 (食之无味弃,弃之可惜)3 星 普通作品 (各方面达到平均水准线 拔作)4 星 优秀作品(剧情和画面都非常好)5 星 满分绝赞好评【推到首页】 (49 People who review ready, Average: 4.31 Minutes )
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Dora H moe

Political commentary related has been deleted,For better or worse,Don't talk politics here。
The author of the eagle group just likes Mr. Sun Yat-sen,Please don't over-interpret。Every May Day,Eleven holidays Tiananmen Square are a huge picture standing,Everyone is interested to have a look。

It's very recommended that you go to see The Age of Awakening and honestly I've cried several times myself。Some of the details of the film and television drama may not be right,But overall,There is no big problem with the play,I like it very much。I'm watching, too,See a person's name,Just look up this man。For example, young people spitting blood in Beijing,It actually happened in Guangzhou,It's a bit dramatic, though,But I have a deeper understanding of history。I hope you have more time to go for a walk in the Martyrs' Cemetery。No money。As long as someone remembers them,They're not dead yet。


Yellow is going to do it,But don't forget who created the safe and complete yellow conditions for us。One cannot forget this book。Tribute to the great revolutionary forefathers!

Sato Pendragon

The remarks have violated The Forum's basic rule 7. It is not allowed to publish topics related to any country's politics。
I hope the stationmaster can deal with it as soon as possible,Avoid ulterior motives to turn the shrine into a smoky place!

Dora H moe

I'm sorry I can't stare in real time。Deleted as soon as possible after discovery,


Alas。I hate the atmosphere of the review。Well,But,This is really not a place to discuss national politics。

Instant 123

Bet Grandpa's is Jintian I ah


Strengthened my determination not to drink without drinking

There is no cat of the future

I spit a sentence the first half of the gambling madman Jintian a sentence second half Conan famous sentence


And I'd like to ask,Are the comments here really reviewed? Or is it just for those of us who audit?

Dora H moe

Because the author of the article posted a comment is skipping the review。Related has been deleted。


To tell you the truth, I joined the shrine in about 12 years,At that time BAIDU can also search directly to enter,Only the anime aspect is discussed,Now the shrine's content update is really not as good as it used to be,And a lot of old resources have been deleted,Now it's all about going overseas Chinese communities to find out,Their resources and new updates will be richer,I hope to improve some,And now R18 Anime sucks,Do some historical R18 anime discussion posts or recommendation posts so that new people can learn about history,But it doesn't matter if you don't change,I've been hanging out in a love community for so many years。


Ask your brother to show you the way

Still pity one side,

Thank you, brother。

Do you have to have your real name?

It's sad to see someone who doesn't have malicious intent get involved in a dispute。

In addition, this one has a good appetite (refers to QJ theme)

Old Donkey

I remember hanging a giant portrait of Sun Yat-sen in front of the Great Hall of the People the other day

Take a look at ha

The memorial has been hanging。Right side of Tiananmen Square,Tourists used to be on the left。


The administrator deletes a little more,As long as there are relevant comments in,Whether the topic is over or not, someone will join the discussion。

Breeze, Eli.

This June 25 second word has tentacles(tongue) But don't interject, after all, the tongue only has one This new society has a bit of a magic trumpet taste


My previous comments have been deleted,But I'd like to say it,Sensitive topics must be organized in a good language,Expression must be good,Otherwise something's wrong or it's your fault,It's okay to miss someone,But that organization has nothing to do with him,His influence has always existed,Nor do we exclude the pioneer,But the others are different,I hope to express myself better in the future


This black-and-white cat can do more than Parker


Why,What's going to happen?


Blew up.

Ladder map

Kind of motionless.

Small soil mud

I used to talk about pictures all the time,picture of something,There's a lot of nonsense to comment on now,Alas,Have a nice weekend, everyone,H Meng's hard work.


It's too sandy,Can't move.


Oh, la la La.


The invitation code is


Look at the style in the top picture,I thought it was that sloshing work!


Don't say anything else. The dog plot gave me a live laugh. What a mess. The whole thing(°д°) + (*゚∀゚*)




What did you say?


Net,,,,,Let's just think we didn't see it,What's that?,Will the explosion of resources make up for it?

I me i

It's great to have the resources alive this time


Drink less fake wine… …


Eiffel hasn't seen it!

Dora H moe

Don't write some of the things that may involve politics in the future,Chinese is op-ed,The same word,There are different ways to understand it。You can also spread a whole bunch of opinions。
I find your level of introduction to be really first-class。Don't do this in the future。


Is there a solution to a bit of a comet that sometimes doesn't move?

Onlookers, who did not want to be named, said they would not be named

What the hell did Pangolin say?

Peace and joy

So what exactly is said?,it's even more curious to 刪 it off。

Not to be outdrive,Political rhetoric is better not to say it here。

In the shrine, not everyone is happy,A peaceful discussion of the yellow topic?。

Out-of-question、I'm a Taiwanese who has been diving at the shrine for a long time,I can't imagine how it would feel to be restricted,

I'll give you a compliment、Make up the blood for you。I feel like I'm telling a real psychological word,Should not be punished。

Dora H moe

Shrines are not political platforms,It's normal to reject topics。Because there is a dedicated platform for you to express your opinion。
It's like killing a cow and eating beef in front of Hinduism,Also told them how delicious beef is。Being killed is all about living。
As long as you are honest and responsible for your own words,Some words,It's not impossible to say,To divide the occasion。