[Eagle/Taka.Sub] 2021March 5 in Bioinformatics.

This is the May collection of the Eagles,Subtitles just came out today。So some people keep pushing,I can't wait even a few hours。
Some are still in the comments section to ask,This is not a fake shrine,Why is it so slow?。
In fact, the shrine has no income,Just rice ads are too lazy to do,It's operated with money,You'll have to take the time to move the bricks yourself,You can only take the time to write a post。Japan's economy has been very poor lately,I'm going to be laid off to wash the dishes。
The Eagles are also at our shrine,May also be published。So I want to take it slow,After all, subtitle group articles are more interesting。
Brothers who can't wait can see the collection first,I'll comment in detail later on The New Pan,Just watch one episode a day at most,I can't stand looking at my body all the time

This Month's Typography Update
What have we updated this time? You want to know?
1.Re-add the previous work (better typography than before)
2.Add the original Hanhua of the comics( Hanhua in this collection,Some are from other groups.
3.PV (even Hanhua)
4.Poster 4K High Voltage (Is the poster a little big?) No problem! 】
5.Music MV is available for later release or music release,will increase (the music adds an Lrc lyric).)
Pieces,Music MV is subtitled,Try to be as close to the original special effects as possible)
6.Subtitle files and font packs... do you find it cumbersome to have no subtitle files? No problem! (Actually, it was.),It can be mailed
7.Clearer 1080P! And the file is smaller! Isn't it a little pasty to press before? A little big? 】
for more ——————, see the PDF files in the collection——————

Eagle Review Group:
Ice Sculpture State
[If the Iwo-or-] にこない マジでデカ んだけど OVA ウチ brother-in-law?
The first word
The first episode tells the story of my sister masturbating in the toilet when she hears her brother masturbating while chatting with friends,Then I found out that my brother's 00 was too big,So I called up the story of two friends and my brother
And the second episode of the brother after conquering the sister's two friends,Back to the sister,My sister also became my brother's slave,Eventually the brother became a shared meat stick for more people
The opening plot is very attractive,But it is also an ordinary multi-P Ripan work,My sister is really good-looking,Brother tong Yan Juju,Individuals can give 8 points

[Mary Jane]おやすみせっくす the 3rd だけで わらない night
Yellow paste
German orthopaedics you will never wake up pretending to sleep in the final words of people,Sleeping brother and inclusive sister's inner description is still quite good,From the first words to accommodate sister sleeping found that sleeping brother is using their own body to review biology lessons to inclusive sister can not refuse their own feelings about sleeping brother's complex rebuff and then pretend to take sleeping pills to let sleeping brother do what he wants at night,Finally, the brothers and sisters also face each other's feelings in the open,Although I'm not very interested in sleeping rape play, a total of three words is good for the inner growth of brothers and sisters,After all, a brother can't really make his sister sleeping pills a bedtime necessity for her sexuality。

[Pink pineapple]Refers to day after THE ANIMATION 2nd 巻 of the 姦
Yellow paste
The whole is still very moderate moment,I wrote the original in the previous one,Although I particularly like the black leather people set even brainless bonus points but this really does not move because the quality is too pull across even look at half of the motivation is not and because of hypnotic subject matter I really can not mention interest,Because I'm not quite right with this work myself, I'll go on for 5 points as I did before。

[Queen Bee]I'm not に、編 after the 僕は かない
Yellow paste
Original score:7Minutes
Originally as the king of cattle, the second peak of the long book い Jun に、The second independent story of the 僕は かない,So the plot has nothing to do with the previous work,The original quality is very good to play but by QB selection is really no mistake,The plot is not very novel almost around the kind-hearted but seems to be the common sense of this piece of brain circuit abnormal monitor or discipline committee such a role to come forward to replace a girl as a substitute and then be transferred to the success story,Because the painting wind, expression and mirror is relatively realistic so the sense of sub-generation is also relatively strong when seeing different female owners are set up and taught when the feeling of depression is also more strong,But because the original itself is excellent quality even by QB to take over can also be,Like this kind of subject matter and author style can see the original four remaining independent stories,7Sub-original

[Suzuki Wood みら]Self-house police 2 7th 従 brother and sister, uncle, mother, メ ド , self-home police は sleep らない
Yellow paste
Original score:Unknown (grass)
It's still out,I don't quite understand.,Don't understand,I don't understand,Very speechless,Stand,It's a little annoying,Longer than life,Whatever.。(It's a New Year's Day to like this series)

[Delusional 専]Body で solve the 偵 of the hundred ghost house to explore the affairs of the house , the hundred ghost house light monster event book , the first 処 female 捨 mountain 伝 strange 譚
Yellow paste
Original score:6.5Minutes
驱 magic 务 题 material,A famous phrase 搞 the 还 of 柯 truth naganaga who has 远 of the 个 katao,兽 Ear daughter female owner person 设爱ya过剧 强奸题强奸题 material (黑 white cat咪战 Force Shinbu) Katao curved Q version person虽 Tadaya 张 过no估计 yatao cautious 估计续,The 质 of 还 is expected 较 续 the 质 of the 2008-2010s。

[PoRO]Family members, motherと姉 sister 嬌 sound, defense な beauty mother, めくれ on the がるネグリジェ
Yellow paste
Can come out now is really respect and has felt THAT Society use this work and convenience store fat house store manager as a second-generation ghost father or can replace the ghost father IP,Double horse tail female master fighting force is really strong sure double horse tail will never eat。Although the previous plot is completely unrememorable, but this end is also very nice,PORO Conscience series。Seven episodes in all, seven points。

[Pink pineapple]リアルエロゲシチュエーション! 2 THE ANIMATION 巻 2
Yellow paste
The feelings of the person who re-这个简 the two peaks 转换 directly,Hou 宫 + 卡哇 Iga风还 one point颜艺 basic 带脑 child care,Out场 female horn color basic representative dissotastic pet method Play (female给 male foot possible or other reception but yes male leg groping female self-direct metropolitan reception not received) medity 质Tokiya还 It is 毕竟 to 现 the rich mark 还 the 丰 of the 缺钱 play 迹 bank 很 显 possible 显。
Sand Carving State (Start of The Film)
[Mary Jane]おやすみせっくす the 3rd だけで わらない night
Brother... Wait,Brother??
Eh, hey.,giegie,You bought a present? ...
Hey,I think I can live my whole life!!!

A few minutes later:
Aunt Xia:Damn it.,Just a few cups of tea,Oh pinched the sauce and vomited
But it's so healthy!!
Not like me,I will only be distressed by the European pinch sauce sauce
Beep, beep, beep.

Only:It's not Wada who's wrong,It's this brother-sister relationship!!!
chapter:It's not the 👴🏻 that's wrong,It's an abominable brother-sister relationship!!!!

[PoRO]Family members, motherと姉 sister 嬌 sound, defense な beauty mother, めくれ on the がるネグリジェ
[Queen Bee]I'm not に、編 after the 僕は かない
[If the Iwo-or-] にこない マジでデカ んだけど OVA ウチ brother-in-law? #1
[If the Iwo-or-] OVA My brother Seriously, but why don't you come and see it? #2
[Pink pineapple]リアルエロゲシチュエーション! 2 THE ANIMATION 巻 2
[Pink pineapple]Refers to day after THE ANIMATION 2nd 巻 of the 姦
[Mary Jane]おやすみせっくす the 3rd だけで わらない night
[Delusional 専]Body で solve the 偵 of the hundred ghost house to explore the affairs of the house , the hundred ghost house light monster event book , the first 処 female 捨 mountain 伝 strange 譚
[Suzuki Wood みら]Self-house police 2 7th 従 brother and sister, uncle, mother, メ ド , self-home police は sleep らない
[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: https://www.liuli.cat/wp/83646.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[Eagle/Taka.Sub] 2021May Collection of the year

1 星 非常差劲 (为什么伤害我的眼睛)2 星 勉强能看 (食之无味弃,弃之可惜)3 星 普通作品 (各方面达到平均水准线 拔作)4 星 优秀作品(剧情和画面都非常好)5 星 满分绝赞好评【推到首页】 (264 People who review ready, Average: 4.54 Minutes )
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Don't rush it

the fetters of the Eagles

Oh,Mr. H Meng reprinted it,But I still have a few words to say


First of all,Please discuss the work itself,Don't brush anything messyEspecially if anything 桜 mess up,I look down on organizations that divide illegal competition into benign and vicious ones,Anyway,Could you comment, ladies and gentlemen桜
Brush some suggestions for comparison and the like,I'm not going to be like that,But each collection is either a bitThe quote made me look uncomfortable,Cause me to see now that 桜 are both words,The adrenaline rushed right away,Immediately there was a feeling of revenge
Remember,I have now tried my best to restrain myself,Try to make sure you don't hurt anyone else,It also avoids the Eagles getting caught up in the attack:The so-called Hanhua group illegally competes。****Everybody's done looking at it

You're here to talk about how the work is doingIsn't that good?

One shot at a time,In a few days or hours,It's going to be quick,There will be comments that discriminate against the "hawk group" (last episode).,There's one)Something like this:HTTPS://www.liuli.cat/wp/82989.html#comment-169652The eagles are here,Most of the group members are young,Everyone is not yet mature,桜 powder sprayed without moving
I'm in the middle of the transfer that time,There are two people because they can't accept it,Exited
(There are some people on the Internet.),Not only on my team leader,And let the EaglesAll the family died
桜 powder is not satisfied with me,Please go to your favorite 桜,Go find your 桜,桜,In your 桜 TG group brush "Long live" brush when to come out of the collection,Ok?
Don't come to the aid,And don't bother,Help,The Eagles translation team doesn't deserve you。
Oh, there's more,The Eagles did change their name from the Thunder,And I've said I want to change it for a long time,Mainly worried about affecting other big business,And the name is also my rise to see OP,Inspired by it
Eagle group,The Eagles don't just represent,Fire Shadow Ninja,Yu Zhipozo helped form the Eagle Squad,It also represents freedom,Brave,victory。
There's nothing wrong with that,It's not a cheeky name change
(The Eagle Combo Set until March.),Look, it's my most adrenaline outbreak,Countless people have accused meCheeky change of name,For this,I don't want to say anything,You think so,That's it,I'm tired,After all, people can't change,That's it)
The Eagles firmly oppose the vicious competition chain of the Hanhua group。I don't want to compete。
Remember,The Hanhua Group, which has been charged by law,Tort Hanhua Group,The Hanhua group that violates the law,destined to pay for these crimes
After reading these words,I don't want to come and go either,I'm tired。I ask you not to comment on other Hanhua groups at will under the Eagle group's post,How are you talking about this?,How about that one?,Play Terrier,It's a joke,That's not good??? Isn't that really good? 】

Please do not reply to this comment,Thank you,Don't cause unnecessary trouble to the glass shrine
And then,What do you want?,I'm not going to respond

At last
Tribute to your swollen predecessors!

Recently edited by The Eagles 5 Days ago

Support the big guy.。What's the rush?,Wait a minute and you won't die!!!!!!


Please tell me.,How to download


I didn't give any money,A few reminders,Are all the white people so bad now??


Thank you to the shrine for accompanying me for many years, sincere thanks!

Talk about bamboo

Let's run some ads,I really hope you can live a comfortable life


Please tell me.,How to download


It can't be profitable,Otherwise, the nature is different。

Frosting fro

As long as there is a little profit there is a reason to catch ah

screw liuli

I don't understand what you're talking about。Profit is not profitable will be caught ah。

Article 364 ,1、Paragraph 4 Dissemination of obscene books and magazines、Shadow fragment、audiovisual、Pictures or other obscene material,The circumstances are serious,He shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years、Criminal detention or control。The dissemination of obscene materials to minors under the age of eighteen,from heavy punishment。


It is recommended to look at the stationmaster's own self-narrative...


H Meng Big guy,The shrine is really hard to run,Thank you for your persistence,to let us know more about the new information。

The touch broke.

Then there's that bad attitude,Give him the account number directly


Fishing is certainly the best,Paying wages at work is called the role of labor for money,Only paid fishing is called making money。
The same is true of the contributions,Everyone is a white party,I'm in a hurry to find the resources myself,So don't care too much

Lake Kelp

Touching fish is a good civilization (scratch it off).
H Meng big man has worked hard


The shrine spoke without a name and did not use an account number,The name mailbox is filled in at will


I'm not in a hurry. It's all about coming up occasionally. Just take a look. Just be normal. It is also recommended that you do not rush It's good to play games or something. Go out for a run


Some people,Bai Yu also forced the cow, didn't he?,It's as if you owe it something


Would you like to put a reward link? Look at your personal wishes,I hope the shrine will continue to develop


You exist in my deep path


Laughing at me.


Excuse me, please.,桜 are all subtitle groups are going to be gone

Forest 风鱼 water

Table pan has been doing

Waugh is quiet

There's no hurry at all. Or your own life first

Stronger new drivers

There were few active Hanhua groups,Also urge,I don't see the coffin without tears,Wait for a Hanhua group to be gone,That's fun。


Thank you to the chashing service and T_T dedication of the drivers of the shrine over the years,Still with a heart of praise


Ignore those people,Idle eggs hurt,Always support the shrine.


Hardship r.,Leave those sprays alone,Have the ability to bear their own thinking to go


No ads and no profit really don't know what good to rush slowly on the very good 🤨

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Little Note

Thank you,It's hard! Do you have a patreon or a donation that loves power generation? You can get one

Li Guo



No one?

Moon dog

I don't have a drop left,Wait for a review


Some things don't have to be taken care of in the first place. So the Eagle Group's summary of the month, H Meng, is still a guest. Funny, and the Eagles were told it was too jumping. I didn't notice before. Now look, it's really the highest jump


Grab a couch.,Thanks to H Meng big,Thank you to all of the Eagles


It's hard!


Finally out.


It's hard.


Thanks big!


Is the moment of the sage finally coming?

Bugs eat rice

Don't say anything, top one