Glass Shrine Wallpaper Pack April 2021

It was supposed to be sent yesterday.,But temporarily because there is an animation release on the first start,Because some people are in a hurry,
Although today is 51 holidays,It is impossible to go out。I hope you can have fun at home。
Computers seem to be increasingly marginalized,The phone is on the road。Does anyone else like this big picture?

One repeats,But it's packed and there's no way to change / / /。。。

琉璃神社壁纸包 2021年4月号

The full address is faster


[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li:

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:Glass Shrine Wallpaper Pack April 2021

1 星 非常差劲 (为什么伤害我的眼睛)2 星 勉强能看 (食之无味弃,弃之可惜)3 星 普通作品 (各方面达到平均水准线 拔作)4 星 优秀作品(剧情和画面都非常好)5 星 满分绝赞好评【推到首页】 (42 People who review ready, Average: 4.81 Minutes )
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I just love it,Be sure to stick to it

It doesn



Of course the bigger these pictures, the better! What do you see on your phone? Enjoy the suggestion of a magnifying glass on your phone

White-haired researchers

No one touched the computer,Anything can be done。The cell phone was found to be a social death


Monarchs,I like widescreen big picture wallpaper!
This month wallpaper package source:Click here.


Has star


Thank you。


Mobile phones can't replace computers anymore,Wallpapers just make sense when you look at them on the big screen,Be sure to stick to it

It doesn

That's right


Boy,There's no time


May Day was going out,As a result, there are too many people,And only nest at home;
Previously set mobile phone wallpaper into a spring yarn fog,Inexplicably there is gossip that I am Loli control,Never set up fancy things on your phone again,Only computers have wallpapers


Brother is miserable

Tokio Tomare

Whatever he says

Recently edited by Tokio Tomare. 7 Days ago
Floating prodigal son

Very much,Each issue does not fall,It's also a shrine
Tablet penetration is also high now,HD wallpapers will not be lonely


That's what you're looking forward to most every month! 5K6K screen just needed!


It's not that I hate cell phones,Although there are more and more people who can have mobile phones without computers,But computers are still too good to use。I won't use cell phones as the main force in my life

Hip-hop haha

The picture doesn't matter,After all, it can be cut


All right.

Salted fish salty fish

It's all flawless,Add a little truth


Mobile phones are the default wallpapers,Don't bother to beautify,Only the computer every month waiting for shrine wallpaper,Although the others are the default,But it's a bit of a personalized setting


I've been using a computer,The phone screen is too small to look good。

Please keep going,Come on!


love. The period is all under the feeling

Why doesn

Like,Thanks to H Meng!

Nigel Gauthier.

The most anticipated moment of the month,By the way, the sofa


Play 3A games,It's like travel。


Happy May Day, stationmaster


Thank,It's a monthly must

Recurring million King Arthur

Clock card per month


I don't think this issue is very good! It's a little green


The last picture is The Twin Vision,The picture of such a cold game was seen at the shrine,The store manager burst into tears


Very good!( ̀ω ́ )Y


It's pretty good.


I love it, too.,Thanks for sharing.


There's still a screen,Sure enough, I still like the original god。


Visit the shrine wallpaper pack regularly every month,I really like this series.,It's also a concern for the shrine