[Moon night tears] Reply to the sox's rebooted life without fixing the set (1-12)

The TV animated film "Reply to the Rebooted Life of the Sox" is adapted from Moon Night Tears、The お novel ぶ the same name as the one in charge of illustration,
The animated news was announced on November 21, 2019。The film was produced by TNK,Airs every Wednesday from January 13, 2021 on AT-X,All 12 episodes。
Animation is always over,1080P You can finish reading it in one breath,In general, evil should be regarded as defeating evil,There is no right or wrong,Only interests are contested。

Introduction to the plot

Awakened the qualities of the "more" brave,Teenager Kayal, who embarked on a world-saving adventure with the brave。
However,As a responder with no fighting ability,What awaits him is the ability to be squeezed by the brave,suffered abuse every day。
Freedom and dignity are denied,Cayal, who is about to lose himself,One day I regained my sanity,and arrived at the "reply" of the truth。
"Reply" is not just a cure。"Reply" is the power that shakes the world and humanity from its roots。
Kayal "replied" to the world itself,Determined to "reset" everything from four years ago。And,He was also thrilled to be able to take revenge on the brave...
"Come on.",The party (revenge) is about to begin.

【幻樱字幕组】【回复术士的重启人生 Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi】【01~12】

Production staff

Original story:Moon Night Tears (KADOKAWA Kagawa Sneaker Library Journal)
Role original case:Salt konbu
Director:Towards Okazoka
Chief Screenwriter、Script:Pen An-I-yu
Role Design:Back Fuji Run II
Prop design:Miyafeng
Mastering the painting:Back Fuji Run II、Kaiko Saito
Art supervision:A fei Zhengjun
Art Settings:Ping Liu's understanding、Fujii Zhikang
Color design:Ayutthon Matsuyama
2DWorks:The Ministry of ワタル
3DCG:With good virtue
Photographic supervision:Beigangzheng
Music producer:Bamboo mountain Mao people
Audio supervision:Earthhouse Ya ji
Acoustics:Zhongdao wins big
Sound production:Glovision
Music production:Lantis
Animal depictions:TNK
produce:Reply to the sox's rebooted life production committee

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: https://www.liuli.cat/wp/82135.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[Moon night tears] Reply to the sox's rebooted life without fixing the set (1-12)"

1 星 非常差劲 (为什么伤害我的眼睛)2 星 勉强能看 (食之无味弃,弃之可惜)3 星 普通作品 (各方面达到平均水准线 拔作)4 星 优秀作品(剧情和画面都非常好)5 星 满分绝赞好评【推到首页】 (80 People who review ready, Average: 4.56 Minutes )
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Shu Chenyu

Seize the future in a flash!


Laughing to death.


Wait till the magic cherry blossoms finish BDrip,The picture quality of this TV is really good

The C

The layer master,That's pathetic😭,They put it on their backs again😢,You should be clear,Only I am your friend🤗,Only I love you,Why! Why are you afraid of 😱! I'm the only one with your friends,I'm so nice to you,I am sorry,I shouldn't have hit you 😓,But who calls you a bad boy 😡,Forgive me,I'll give you all the 😘 love,I really love you,I shouldn't have hit you just now,I am sorry,I love you,I am sorry,I love you,I am sorry,I love you,I am sorry,I love you,I am sorry,I love you,This face is so cute😍,But sooner or later it will grow old,I can't bear to see you become 👴,Let time stop at this moment,Now s off,Your loveliness will last forever,Kayal,Please s,I'm cruel,Kayal,Forgive me,Forgive me for my mistake today,Tomorrow will give you more love 🧡💚💛💙💜❤️


Why can you send a video?

Control of young taming and dyeing is justice

What should I say? It's nothing new since the exotic world custom lady brought a bunch of strange-scale films to tv and then ended up in strange ways
It's reasonable to say.,Large-scale representations have long been common,Out of the package,Kiss my sister.,Individuals have also been in Qalao Cop before,If the rigid rules determine that "Reply Sorcerer" should actually be counted as R17 plus - according to the neon rating of R17 plus is allowed Luch Coolby (Daleilai).,So it's interesting that you look closely at the reply carefully from scratch and you'll find that the reply didn't show Eugene throughout,So since it's the standard R17 plus, it's late-night watches,Since it's a table pan, you can go on TV with integrity (cover your face)
But who could have thought that the theme of this story was to focus on ooxx? Two one-on-one crackling,Three steps a big crack,Losing someone is a reply sorcerer,Respond in a timely manner,The surface humanoid self-propelled gun is not the same as the height of the inside boundary (cover your face)
On the other hand,It's also true that light fiction is a relatively young industry in the ANCG industry
As a culture,This book already has a controlling homage;Ripan also has a dedicated assembly line company;ADV game who is doing pull to do who is doing drama to do everyone has long known
but relative to light fiction,First of all, although many people use love to generate electricity,But there is no big capital society willing to bear this piece,Second, as the big capitalist of the table, Mr. Kagawa is happy to open the door to these novels for profit - the just-concluded extension of Theokawa EXPO2020 has a charming back-to-back department,Number one is our old lady, the New Sister Lord.,Do not say,The last two pure yellow books () of the new sisters who chatted in the light novel group finished, according to the original story in the book,The new sister-in-law is worse than the reply sorcerer,While shooting also side high yield x liquid,I'm afraid it's not a better new energy source for the future than nuclear energy(ಡωಡ)Second place is everyone's favorite "Reply Sorcerer"
While,It is difficult to learn to draw books,But the speaker is basically born,As long as you're good enough,can become a novel
So maybe that's exactly what this easing is all about,Light fiction sales are far less than comics,Kagawa can surround a consortium of comic book sales like the Death Primary School Hall,After all, can't the dragon press the ground snake?,Double coupons are hard to beat four hands
(PS:The R17 rating problem is my own hearsay,If there is an error welcome to correct)

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I think my name is right

Can raise knowledge in shrines,Still very happy

Sven scum

So when did H Meng make XDM an eye-opener?


The fate of the air is indeed a good work of this kind of work,That op is still my cell phone bell


The new sister is also good




Think that year the emperor this sentence of pure garbage is not recommended to watch and then see now the emperor has not this time is a fire

Recently edited by misaya 15 Days ago

Does the emperor mean the up master who let b stand off the shelf and be reseded without a job?


That's Lei Locust


Right,Because he did say it in the first place


That's a man




I've seen a few episodes and I feel like this male master (screenwriter) has three views on normal people and walking into the devil directly and repeatedly jumping and skipping and not knowing what to say。But when Ripan's words are still good

Hip-hop haha

Finally waited to assemble,It's not easy.。This is hegemony


There is no figure of it on rivers and lakes, but there are legends of it everywhere
The first episode became a hot topic, the real new dark horse January hegemony


It's evil to evil,It feels more like me,A child who has no childhood and no education has the instinct to rebel against evil after being murdered


The operation behind the novel's master sees blood pressure full,Every day rush IQ is gone

The power of rebuke

It's still interesting to be a mother of different races,Joy and astringentness


And comments about building-grabbing at the shrine? It seems that interesting people have dived before


The picture of the man dressed up and taking the princess out of town,It's like Lance Bens

Night God Month

The brave man of the stick is reborn


I never thought I'd be able to broadcast it on TV

Flying rabbits outside the sky

In the end, there was no demon king,Slightly disappointed


Ness,I'm finally looking forward to it


I heard about it,I never thought I'd see it at the shrine,So is this Ripan?


half a mile of nature,Refer to Bald Donkey Night (Monk's Night),The taste of the ground changes

Breeze, Eli.

It's not a level with those two. Those two are the equivalent of a yard. This is more like DXD New sister doesn't show the third point

Grunt Lingbo

This feeling is not enough as a measure,The scale is too large。。


Properly scale the three-stage film,It crackles but doesn't show up below

I still don't think it's evil,After all, there is no initiative to hurt others,It's all forced to fight back

Earth hell

You want this stick,Or is it this stick?


I hope there will be more such works


The last episode was really outrageous,It's been crackling


Watch it,Then I wondered why the impeachment station dared to go on this...


The casseries in the table,Ripanli's appearance。


It's a good thing to collect


The grace of the sword saint

Boo Boo Boo

I saw it.,Slightly heavy taste。But the plot is a bit interesting。Practicality,It's okay。On the whole it's a good piece of work。


Brother.,The link you gave is too detailed


All right.,Finally finished the opening!! (So why are you chasing your couch-grabbing brother and stepping on it?) )

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This means that even the stationmaster admits that this is ripan,hahaha haha


There's a table


First,Never care!