[Horizon] がーるずらっしゅ GOTcomics

Level the cartoons drawn by this author,Not only is the painting style good,And the plot is sweeter。
There have been some animations before,Unfortunately, QB did it。If the new single-line book if animation can change the club to do animation is better

がーるずらっしゅ GOTcomics

Brand: GIO tee
List price: ¥ 1100 (Tax.1,210)
Release date: 2020/11/30
Media: Comics
ISBN-13: 9784823601040
Subgenre: Adult comics

Introduction to work
"COMIC E× E" presents a busty meister、The long-awaited G-Eau tea book of the horizon is released.!
E× In addition to the latest work published in E-E "School Trip Redo", it covers all the doyn person works released as circle "Ura no Sichi"!
Doshi's first work [Paishi ● Tamic] was a full remake when recording a book!

Older sister encountered in hot spring, beautiful young landlady of inn, older junior clerk, classmate etc who reunited for the first time in several years ... It is one book that you can meet various busty beauties!

I like and want to be sweet to my sister、I want to be healed... It is one of the supreme books to give to such you.!

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: https://www.liuli.cat/wp/81648.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[Horizon] Gotcomics

1 星 非常差劲 (为什么伤害我的眼睛)2 星 勉强能看 (食之无味弃,弃之可惜)3 星 普通作品 (各方面达到平均水准线 拔作)4 星 优秀作品(剧情和画面都非常好)5 星 满分绝赞好评【推到首页】 (49 People who review ready, Average: 4.57 Minutes )
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My Little buddy!

The horizontal characters draw very well,Coloring is also very good,But personally, it's almost as interesting as composition and plot,so much that I don't feel very good about it。


It's so bad to be a bull's-headed man


Yamu tea!

Breeze, Eli.

In case of events do not decide the sword of fire


The advantage of QB is that the style of painting is restored,But the whole animation is like a shadow play。


PPT plant

Hassi Spicy

Tujing is expensive。。。The first reaction was a tour of cos's Xichuan guises。。Tata !!!

Recently edited by Hassie Spicy. 11 Days ago

Tata open,One word Mata tower open!


Shusen Party Kyoki


Give it up.….This kind of beauty doesn't take any risks


这- 风- 细-up 吧


My brother likes it


Wouldn't it be cracked to change to poro?




The shooting brother has thanked


It's good.


The horizontal teacher is still so strong,But it doesn't feel like it's particularly prominent,Personal feeling is still the last キ "ハグ" is even better

Night, night, night

Thanks for sharing.


This falling pose is also too elegant wood tea